7 Tips to Stay Healthy As the Seasons Change

7 Tips to Stay Healthy As the Seasons Change

Rainy one day; sunny the next. Add to that are the morning breezes and night chills. So, here is a health forecast for most of us: we are going to fall ill.

Isn’t this the normal scenario? How much do we envy the people who stay healthy throughout the year?!

But, here is a ray of hope for you! In this article, we are going to cover some easy to follow tips which would help you in staying healthy even when the seasons change.

• Breathe fresh air, as much as you can!

Just because it is a bit cold here, this doesn’t mean that you need to restrict yourself and stay indoors. Breathe fresh air by going on morning walks, and staying close to nature. Fill up your belly.

Believe us, this would help you in improving your immunity and would additionally detoxify your body.

• Drink up

Whether it is a glass of water or fresh fruit juices – drink as often as you can! As a matter of fact, having a glass full of orange juice or any other juice rich in vitamin C is a great way to kick-start your day. Vitamin C helps you in boosting your immunity.

Even better if you can add a tablespoon of honey to your juice. It would help you in getting rid of a sore throat.

• Eat seasonal food

Eat seasonal food. Oranges in autumn and winter, mangoes in summers and so on. Each season provides us with a range of vegetables and fruits which are rich in essential nutrients and contribute towards a better immunity.

• Sleep tight

If your mornings are a bit tired instead of refreshing, chances are high that you are not getting enough sleep. Snatch some 7-9 hours of sound sleep, no matter what. Sleeping properly not only improves your mood but also helps your body to repair and strengthen your immune system.

• Embrace the goodness of lavender essential oil

Essential oils are blessed with some great properties which could help you in staying healthy throughout the year. Lavender essential oil is known for its anti-histamine properties which are quite helpful during a change in season.

• Keep moving

Even though it might be too cold or too hot outside, it is always a safe practice to maintain your exercise routine. This boosts your immunity and helps you counter the bad mood.

• Take probiotics

Apart from following the above-mentioned tips, you can always look at probiotics as your ultimate option. Consume probiotics on a daily basis as they will help you fight against bacterial infections. One of such probiotics is yogurt which can be eaten on a daily basis.

Over to You

These were a few easy to follow tips which would surely help you in staying healthy. What are your views on this? What all practices do you adopt? Do share with us in the comments.

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